Some building experiences


Latest addition to builders page came from Spain! Roberto, EA2CNU, built his brand new controller in few days and give a different layout to the command controllers. Very nice and effective the big dimpled VFO knob. Enjoy with it Roberto!


73' Enzo



 A new variation from Reinhard, OE3KRB. His new controller is based an a bigger 7inch display and two additional knobs. E10 is dedicated to a new quick tune function: long push puts the transmitter on and control tune and rf power. The same feature is available on E8 encoder: long push in tune puts the transmitter on and control tune and rf power. Now  Reinhard can tune up his Drake L4B very easy and also can control the grid current in a very easy way.


The last realization is from Italy. Frank, IZ7AUH, built his controller using an amazing case and real VFO Knob from Kenwood.

Actually a masterpiece design with a new black silk-screen aluminum panel.




This project come from Austria. Rehinard, OE3KRB, did a great job with its controller. He designed from scratch the case and positioned all the encoders in a single row below the display and the main VFO knob. Really great!!




 This project is from Italy!!! Massimiliano IZ5ILU arranged all the encoders in a total different way, but his result is very good as well.

Thank you very much for your pictures and I hope to meet you on air!


73' Enzo




George, W2GS, is the first friend that has built my controller! He had great success with his project.

George did a better job than me as he used cheaper rotary encoders and built a dedicate board for debouncing circuits.