Custom Touch Screen Calibration

You need to run a calibration procedure when the Touch Button Test hasn't worked fine. You may have experienced a not perfect alignment between displayed buttons and touch screen areas.

To store custom touch settings on your controller you need to install a SD card. You should have previously enabled the SDCard slot shorting the JP8 jumper.


STEP 1: Calculating CalX, CalY and aCalS parameters

It is as simple as loading the sketch you can find in UTOUCH libraries provided in the Assembly page. It is in the directory :


    <Arduino user dir>\libraries\UTouch\examples\Arduino\UTouch_Calibration\UTouch_Calibration_IW7DMH.ino


Run the sketch and take note of the three parameters you can read at the end of the execution.

To have a better idea of how it works please refer to this video.


STEP 2: Storing values in your SD card

The following step can be executed only when you have already loaded the firmware and your controller is ready to be used.

Once the firmware is loaded you need to insert the SD card in the CTE-Shield slot, connect the usb cable to your computer and run the Arduino IDE.

You don't have to load any additional sketch this time; you only need to open the Serial Monitor and start the controller in SETUP MODE. To do this hold down the E1 encoder and reset the controller using the dedicated Reset Button.

You sould see something like in the following picture. Note that the controller use the default calibration values stored in the firmware.

When the controller is in the SETUP MODE you can't can't use it to control your rig. You can only send commands using the Arduino IDE Serial monitor.


Before going on be sure you have selected the Carriage Return and 115200 baud options.

Now you are ready to send one of the following commands:


TOUCH_CALIBRATION <calX Value> <calY Value> <calS Value>: store the three calibration values on the SD card. You have to use the one you got from the STEP 1


Example: TOUCH_CALIBRATION 0x11111111UL 0x22222222UL 0x33333333UL


You sould see something like in the picture below.

If something go wrong, or simply you want to revert the default configuration you can delete the costum settings using the following command.


DELETE_TOUCH_CALIBRATION: remove any calibration value store on the SD card.




To have a better idea of how it works please refer to the following video.