OTRSP utility for SO2R contest mode

It is a simple utility I developed to use 5MContest and my FlexRadio 6300 in SO2R mode.
All Flex 6000 rigs implement the OTRSP protocol and my program simply monitor the active (focused) window switching from Radio 1 to Radio 2 as the operator select the related window.
You can also configure audio for listening only to the TX focused radio or you can select the in stereo mode listening to Radio 1 on left speaker and to Radio 2 on right speaker. In addition it supports reverse stereo audio (Radio 1 to right speaker and Radio 2 to left speaker).
Configuration is quite simple: you need to set the beginning text of each window and the com port that support the OTRSP protocol.
Actually you can use with each rig that support OTRSP protocol and each contest software that use a separate window for Radio 1 and Radio 2.


Enjoy it

Enzo, iw7dmh

Download it from my dropbox.


See the program in action!