Linear Loaded 40m Dipole


Here is my dipole for 40m band. It is a simple linear loaded dipole  feeded with 450-Ohm openwire feedline.

I designed it for resonance at 7.050 MHz, but using my LDG AT 100-PRO-II tuner I can tune it also on 30m and 80m bands. The latter with poor results.



I use to simulate all my antennas with MMANA-GAL. Here you can see dimensions of the dipole and simulation results.

As you can see, elevation and SWR curve are very good.



To build it I used simple electrical copper wire (2.5 mmq/13 awg) and two fishing poles with size of about  7 m/23 ft.

Linear loaded lines ar 3.5 m/11,5 ft long. You can find all sizes in the following file. (Rename it in .mma after downloading)

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Here you can see it on top of my (homebrew) OB9-5 clone. Really not bad.


And here is the on-field  Z measurement using my RigExpert AA-54. Really not bad on the whole 40m band!

73' iw7dmh