Since I bought my little Flex 6300 I was immediately attracted by the opportunity to use software libraries to interact with the radio. The FlexLib APIs  give the opportunity to control the radio using a high level programming language in the .Net platform. Actually libraries are based on open network protocols that are documented on the FlexRadio wiki website. By these protocols you can go over any operating system as you can virtually drive a Flex using any hardware that can establish a network connection with the rig. So my idea: why not try to use my Flex Rig without using a computer? It is a great challenge but with the right hardware you can do it. The result is a small library for Arduino Due that requires the use of Ethernet Shield equipped with the W5100 chip. Calling it "library" is a bit pretentious and the purists of the C / C ++ might blame me looking at my code. But it seems the code works and is open. So if you like, you can change and improve it. Just let me know.


Note: Before going into the details of this library it is important pointing out that a correct use of it requires SmartSDR API Knowledge. So, please, read before the official documentation on FlexRadio wiki web site. You also need object-oriented programming knowledge.
This software is provided as is - the library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or  modify it under the terms of the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license I am not responsible for any damage or malfunctions associated with the use of this software or its misunderstanding.