Control Software

The control software requires Java 8 to be installed on your computer. In this way you can run the program on every operating system that supports the Java Runtime Environment (or JRE 8). Previous versions of Java can't work with it.

To check the Java version installed on your operating system simply open a console window and type the command java -version



If the version is not correct, or Java is not present, you can download the installation package from this link.


In the firmware zip file you can find the program jar (Java Archive Executable) file. Copy it into a directory and just double click on it.


You can download the installation packages from the following link:

For Linux/MacOsx download the Java Runtime package below.

Uncompress the archive in a directory on your filesystem and execute the program using the command


java -jar ./RemoteBox.jar


See the control software in action


Windows OS


Linux OS (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)


Mac OS X Yosemite