Sequencer per Icom IC-9700

News: 2023-04-22



Progetto di un sequencer multibanda per Icom IC-9700. 


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Bureau Finder

News: 2022-12-02


Bureau Finder is a very smart utility that can help you to find the Country Bureau of your QSL. It can simplify the heavy job of your QSL Manager as well.



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Released new TCI Automatic Antenna Switch

News: 2022-10-08


In the 2022-10-08 firmware release the SunnyBoard added a TCI automatic antenna switch controlAll that you need is an additional MCP23017 port extender that you will connect on the Esp32s I2C pins. The schematic is the same used for the lttle Display device – Just connect in parallel the MCP23017 with the Display. In this way you can add up to 16 ports that can drive your own switching circuit or that you can plug in a cheap 8/16 ports Arduino relay boards.


More info on web site. 

Released new TCI Esp32 Arduino library for ExpertSDR3

News: 2022-09-12


The new library implements all the TCI 1.9 commands and is based on FreeRTOS, the real-time operating system for microcontrollers.



The new SunnyBoard device - A great complement for your TCI rig

Update: 2022-06-10 - Released the new Sunnboard device


Together with my friend Ivan IZ0JNY we developed the Sunnyboard, a device that can work with your SunSDR rig or any other TCI-enabled rig. It is an advanced CAT interface card that connects via Wi-Fi to your network and, via TCI protocol, provides CAT control for your amplifier, your dynamic antenna controller or an automatic antenna switch. All this without additional personal computer. 

The software project is based on my opensource TCI-libraries while the hardware is entirely developed by Ivan De Cesaris.





The idea behind our project is to allow anyone to build their own Sunnyboard. Anyway we are aware that not everyone has the equipment and the skill to solder SMD or THT components, therefore, in such a case, we have provided solutions that can adapt to all the needs.




SunSDR2DX Output voltage spikes investigation, Max output power, Test Report

By Ivan De Cesaris IZ0JNY/HB9ETO


News: 2021-12-30


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Configuring SunSDR2 for Acom 600S PA (also for 700S and 1200S)

News: 2021-12-30


Thank to Massimiliano, IU4JNR,  we have a very useful guide on how to configure the SunSDR2 with the ACOM 600S/700S/1200S amplifiers.


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Small HF RX Loop

News: 2021-12-07

A new Flag Antenna project inspired by the PY3AGD design, Clovis from Brazil.

It works very well on lower HF bands.


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Manuale di SDC in lingua italiana



Grazie al pregevole lavoro di Francesco, IZ8NWA, è disponibile il manuale di SDC in lingua italiana.

Il file può essere scaricato da link riportato di seguito.



CW Trainer for Morserino 32 - New multi-platform release



The new release of CW-Trainer for Morserino 32 is ready. In the last year I collected most of the requests I received from many friends and I decided to develop a new program from scratch.

The new CW-Trainer is a multi-plaform program (already tested on Windows and Linux Ubuntu, now testing on Raspberry Pi), multi-skin  and it will provide different learning programs.


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ESP8266 Prosistel "D" remote control system




I developed a smart solution for a Prosistel "D" remote control system. It is a follow up of my two previous projects but this time isn't required any additional devices or dedicated software. For RS232 communication you'll need a virtual serial port driver so you can definitively remove the rs232 cable from "D" controller and computer. All data exchange will happen over wi-fi network.


The beauty of the project is that you can always access the web control system even if the rotator is controlled by another program.



Some good news from Australia


I am happy to point you out the Remote SDR project – 2020 by Dale, VK5DC.
Dale designed and developed a full remote control system for his Anan 100D SDR based station. In addition to all the other components, he is using the SW Keyer you can find here.
Please give a look at Dale web site for additional informations and more complete instructions: he added some additional and very useful informations about RPI requirements and configuration you can't find here.

Give also a look at his very nice travel page :)

Best 73'


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A power overshot (spike) analysis on SunSDR2-PRO


Luca IK5XLB, durante la costruzione del suo amplificatore lineare, ha eseguito alcune misurazioni molto interessanti sul SunSDR2-PRO e sullo Yaesu FT857De per scongiurare la rottura dello stadio finale LDMOS. L'articolo che potete leggere di seguito è il resoconto dell'analisi che Luca ha condiviso nel gruppo italiano SunSDR. E' interessante notare come le misure sul ragio SunSDR2-PRO siano praticamente perfette e come, nell'utilizzo dell'FT817De, il circuito di protezione di DJ0ABR impedisca che gli spike di potenza raggiungano l'amplificatore LDMOS.


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63.5 dB Programmable Digital Attenuator



Looking on Internet for a fixed RF attenuator I found a nice one based on the Peregrine PE43702 chip. In the article I'll show you how to build a programmable attenuator using Arduino.

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ExpertSDR2 and SDC - Installation guide for Linux KUbuntu 20.04 - Plasma KDE



In this video I am going to install ExpertSDR2 and SDC on Linuc Ubuntu. As you can see it is a very simple task.

During the installation you'll need a icon file that can't find in the official program archives.

Anyway you can download and unofficial xpm file from my dropbox. It can do the job as well.

Elecraft W2 Remote Adapter



I made this simple project after having purchased the Elecraft W2 wattmeter. Using my SunSDR Pro2 remotely, I needed to read the power actually transmitted by my EB300 linear amplifier (by
Since the amplifier does not have its own control program I thought I'd read data coming from the W2 serial port and send them over a network connection to a remote client.


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Contest SSB con 5M Contest



Realizzata la guida per i contest SSB con 5M Contest.Vai alla pagina

Published the SSB Contest guide for 5M Contest Go to the page

CW Trainer for Morserino 32



CW Trainer for Morserino 32 is a Windows application that helps you to practice with telegraphy using Morserino 32. From Version 2.2 of Morserino firmware there is a new option to output keyed and/or decoded characters on USB. (go to the page for more informations)

TCI (ESP32s) Arduino Libraries for SunSDR rigs



The new TCI Arduino libraries are based on the SunSDR TCI 1.3 protocol specification.

With it you can quickly and easily develop hardware devices that can interact with ExpertSDR 2.  Go to the page


TCI Macro - Utility for Expert SDR rigs

31/10/2019 - New version 1.3.1 with DVK feature and slim-dark layout!


TCI – Transceiver Control Interface is the network interface for control, data transfer and synchronization between Expert SDR rigs and any devices. Using TCI you can have seamless connection with third-party software like SDC (with its own Skimmer), LogHXSWISSLOG, RUMlog. If your logging program doesn't still support TCI, or you just want to add CW Macro to EESDR, you can use the TCI-Macro.


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