Ecco la guida per 5M Contest - Un Log con supporto TCI

02/02/2020 - New !


Realizzata la guida per 5M Contest, un portentoso software per contest realizzato da Vitaly Filonenko RM5F. Il compagno ideale per le radio SunSDR. Vai alla pagina.

Published the 5M Contest, a great contest software created by Vitaly Filonenko RM5F. The ideal companion for SunSDR rigs. Go to the page

CW Trainer for Morserino 32

24/01/2020 - New !


CW Trainer for Morserino 32 is a Windows application that helps you to practice with telegraphy using Morserino 32. From Version 2.2 of Morserino firmware there is a new option to output keyed and/or decoded characters on USB. (go to the page for more informations)

TCI (ESP32s) Arduino Libraries for SunSDR rigs

21/01/2020 - New !


The new TCI Arduino libraries are based on the SunSDR TCI 1.3 protocol specification.

With it you can quickly and easily develop hardware devices that can interact with ExpertSDR 2.  Go to the page


TCI Macro - Utility for Expert SDR rigs

31/10/2019 - New version 1.3.1 with DVK feature and slim-dark layout!


TCI – Transceiver Control Interface is the network interface for control, data transfer and synchronization between Expert SDR rigs and any devices. Using TCI you can have seamless connection with third-party software like SDC (with its own Skimmer), LogHXSWISSLOG, RUMlog. If your logging program doesn't still support TCI, or you just want to add CW Macro to EESDR, you can use the TCI-Macro.


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