N.B.: This project is no more supported. I suggest another opensurce solution like remoteQth

Arduino Switch Box is a small standalone device that allows you to automate some functions of your Flex 6000 rigs.

It is a DIY project, almost solderless, based on the Arduino Due platform. The Arduino code is open source and is based on the Arduino Flex libraries, already used for the Rig Controller. The project can not be used for commercial purposes.

The control software is not open source but can be downloaded and used for free. To use the control software you will have to install Java 8 on your operating system (Windows, Mac OSX or Linux). Previous versions of Java can't be used.

The switch box doesn't require a personal computer for regular operations. The control software can be used from a remote station to configure some options and to monitor its working status.


What can you do with it?

  • You can switch manually eight lines using the provided control software or you can program each relay for automatic band switching. 
  • You can turn ON/OFF your rig from a remote (network connected) station.
  • You can use a cw key from a remote station.
  • You can command your rotor from a remote station. (At the moment only Prosistel "C")
  • You can enable two physical RS232 serial ports that implements the 1.5 FlexCat/Kenwood protocol


The box can be connected to the network using a ethernet cable. It is important that the network address (IP) has the same class of the address assigned to the Flex Rig. The switch communicates with the host pc through a UDP network connection (default port is 25000). Physical ports like RS232, RCA and relay connectors are provided for external devices only.


Implemented features are listed below:

  • 8 Switched Lines: each line can be manually switched using the control software or can be "band" programmed;
  • 2 physical serial ports: Flexradio/Kenwood Protocol implementation (SmartSdrCat 1.5 version);
  • 1 Serial port for Rotator Control: used for rotator control over the network. At the moment the only implemented protocol is for Prosistel "D" control box;
  • 2 serial ports: unused (for future/backup use);
  • 1 CW Key line: connected to Flex Accessory port (Pin 4 and Pin GND). You can key the rig over the network using the control software and a particular cw Key system. Read the USB cable for remote cw key paragraph on this page.
  • 1 Remote ON/OFF line: connected to the Flex Rig Remote Port. You kan turn ON/OFF your rig over the network using the controller software.